Southwest Drone Services

Southwest Drone Services (SDS) provide premium drone operation and image content delivery.

  • Cooperate Video
  • Building Inspection
  • Wind Turbine Blade Inspection
  • Roof and Gutter Inspection
  • Environmental Studies
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Crop Inspection
  • Thermal imaging
  • Livestock location
  • and many more...

With over 6 years drone experience and utilising the very latest in Drone Technology Southwest Drone Services are your one stop shop for exceptional aerial content.

Studies have shown that a thermal scan of a residential property can yield an energy saving of 17%* per year.

*Dependent on property and measures put in place to rectify the areas highlighted. Saving is first year saving and not year on year.

We comply strictly to the CAA regulations CAP722 which lays out the conditions and limitations for any Unmanned Aircraft PDRA developed and published by the CAA.